About us


  • Formulas developed to meet your needs
  • Selection of materials according to your requirements
  • Quality: In parallel with product development, tests (stability, thermal shock, compatibilities, sealing …)
  • ISO 22716 certification


  • A Research and Development pole for ever more innovation!
  • Partnerships with different actors: universities, material suppliers ….
  • On the lookout for new cosmetic trends: we are constantly looking for innovations, concepts, new textures …
  • To assert our status as an expert in cosmetic formulation, we intervene at conferences especially on nanoparticles


  • Manufacture and packaging in France according to ISO 22716
  • Various equipment allowing to produce different volumes (from 50kg to 2,2T)
  • FDA certification in progress


European and international regulations
Because each country has different regulations for care, solar or make-up.
Our knowledge and experience of export markets (Europe, Asia Middle East, USA) guarantee you the development of products perfectly adapted to the characteristics of these countries.

Choice of materials
Real attention is given to the choice of materials (with the specificity of an eco-friendly approach). 
Exceed the objectives and go beyond your expectations! 
This is what we did when we decided to no longer use silicone in our formulations.

The dermatological tests are evolving
The regulatory service assists you in choosing and implementing dermatological tests before placing your products on the market. Here again we anticipate innovations!